ISTRA COLOR is one of the leading companies for the distribution of hand tools, makeup accessories, cutting, abrasive and abrasive materials, paints and varnishes and similar assortments in the Republic of Croatia.

In our wide assortment, in addition to our own brands: KENO® and STRONG®, reputable world brands are represented: FLEXOVIT®, AMBRO-SOL®, RUST-OLEUM®, COOL, SLEM®, MTX®, GAVA, LAMEL®, G & B®, BLEISPITZ®, CINGHIALE, SPRINTCHIMICA, CUTS DIAMANT®, BASIC, AUSONIA and others.

Ausonia is a dynamic and qualified company being responsive to its customer and user needs, even able to interpret and anticipate the evolution of market trends and consumer insights. The main goal of the company is to maintain the highest q [...]

We offer an extensive range of tapes, with professional solutions which always meet the highest quality standards. The HPX brand came into existence in 2004 and since then quality improvement and development are our absolute priority. Moreover, we ca [...]