About Us

Istra-color company starts working on March 21, 2006. as a small family business. It starts retailing and distributes all over Croatia.

The 105-square-meter store in Buje is a shop of paints and varnishes and iron and offers a diverse range of well-known manufacturers such as Hempel, Chromos, Helios, Dulux, Hammerit, Belinka, Sadolin, Bifix, Renner.

Over the years, the company has developed into one of the leading wholesale of makeup, abrasive materials, paints and varnishes in Croatia.

Distribution network extends across entire Croatian territories.

Istra-color is a distributor of hand tools, makeup, cutting, grinding and abrasive materials, and has its own brand Keno and Strong, and the renowned world brand Flexovit, which is part of Saint Gobain.

Our Mission

The goal of the company is to become the leading distributor of makeup and abrasive materials in Croatia through fast and accurate delivery, technical and advisory support from our partners.

Istra-color has a distribution network throughout Croatia with offices in Rijeka, Zadar, Split, Zagreb and Vukovar, and delivery takes from 24 to 48 hours throughout the territory of Croatia.

Our mission is to introduce and find new solutions and products in the segment of paints and varnishes, hardware tools, iron and steel, accessories and tools, continuously improving our brands in order to secure our position on the market.


Delivery from our wholesale range is done within 24 to 48 hours of the order receipt in the whole of the Republic of Croatia.

The wholesale warehouse is located in Buje, the warehouse has 1000 square meters