AMBRO-SOL® - A Spray That Can Save Your Life

Another clever product, created by the leader of spray cans Ambro-Sol: the spray can “Gas Leak Detector“.

Think of an aerosol, which with a spray, can detect a gas leak from your kitchen, from the pressure tank that you keep in the cellar, or from the reservoirs that are used on the farm or in the factory, near where you often work.

Ambro-Sol has created a spray can comfortable to hold in your home or business, it’s economic and effective which is a real life saver.

The spray can Gas Leak Detector”, is a product detector based on synthetic surfactants, that is compound of substances that detect gas leaks immediately if present, or compressed air leaks from the pipes, valves, tanks and pressure vessels.

Ambro-Sol spray cans are researched, designed and tested to be effective and safe: there’s one for every need in the products section of our website.